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Status: Redundant

This feature has already been implemented, or is already achievable with existing methods.
So what I'm asking for is for us to have bounding boxes and step size without the need to use pixel movement(so we can keep gliding & tile based movement). The reason why I think this would be very helpful and useful is because some developers don't have a need for pixel movement in their projects but something like bounding boxes for objects that are 64x64 or 32x64 for example won't require so much extra effort and extra used up resources.

I used to go about using dense area to place over larger objects but when BYOND 490 came out, I was relieved I was able to wipe out all those extra tiles and make larger players without the need for extra complications. I honestly miss it the way it used to be before 490 beta 6. I also used step size to make projectiles move twice as fast with step_size of 64 or even 96(which didn't conflict with tile based movement until 490 beta 6 was released.

Right now, I'm afraid to update my BYOND as I use step_size and bounding boxes frequently and I'm missing out on all the other fixes/features with every update.
I forgot to mention this in the bullet points I gave to Tom for the 1108 release, but gliding is available as long as you use bounds that are a full tile multiple, and leave step_size at its default.
alright that sounds good but why not step_size?
There's pretty much no point in using a step_size beyond the default if you're going to commit to using a tile-based system.
It allows an easy way to have speedy projectiles. I've done it on BYOND 490.05 and had weapons with a step_size of 64 and it didn't even conflict with glide. It's actually pretty useful. Pixel movement, or not. I don't really much of a reason why it can't be put in..
Also, I updated my BYOND from 490.05 to build 8 and gliding wasn't working, my player was jumpy. I even attempted commented out all bounds and step sizes but it had no result. Still no glide. Why can't it just go back to the way it was in build 5 except with the most recent fixes and all. One main reason I updated was to remove dual key repeat.
If any objects in your game world saved with a step offset, or if you put one in your map, that would do it. If you have a savefile that could be affected, alter atom/movable/Read() like so:


Then be sure to call ..() first in all your Read() overrides. This should be enough to keep those vars from loading. Chances are you only need the step_x/y part.
Is it safe to assume that step_size and bounds work in multiples of 32 and with gliding still available? I degraded back to build 5, so I'd like to know before upgrading
Nevermind just tested it and bounds seem to work great, but step_size doesn't.. can this please be put in in the next build or so? I really love step_size and I'm a little disappointed it can't be used(even in multiples of 32) without disabling gliding..
490.1109<3333333 thank you!