Just to let you all know, first 10 clients will get a 10% discount for as long as you're with us (not just the first month!), you can place an order here. Do not send any money as for yet if you place an order, wait until we contact you.

We are not actually live just yet. I'm still preparing everything. May get a few clients live early, you will have to wait and see. ;)
Lolwuut ur own hostin site o_O
awesome I'll probably join
The Teka co mafia are:

* Creating games.
* Hosting provider.
* CSS Guild (Yes it's not just Teka who will do CSS for you all lol)

I am currently planning a lot more for the Teka Co Mafia too lol.
ZIDDY99 wrote:
Lolwuut ur own hostin site o_O Teka123?command=view_post&post=118403
Liams EPIC!! Sorry, had to say it.
crap and i just made plans to become a byond member again after i got the concept for my new idea ready.
Lol yes Liam is pretty Epic, He's set all this up, created all this, put it all in motion all on my behalf! :) he's a brilliant friend.
Well, you need help with money, and so does my mother. Any profits made will be going to you and her. I wont be taking any for myself lol.
Am I one of ten? xD I sent you three months of full payment though because
I wasnt sure.
We didn't actually want payment yet, but yes you are one of the first 10. You can either have the full amount sent back now, or we will send you the 10% back for each month you've payed for and then keep the rest for when we go live.

Just leave a comment here of your decision.
oh ok, I was redirected to a site that told me to send payments to your email address. the 10% back would be brilliant. thanks.
Yeh, that's just how it's going to be lol. I did say in this post to not send any payment lol. I'll get that $1.80 back to you now.
There you go.
Sorry. Must have rushed into it ;)

and thanks.
Sorry i missed you today liam, i oveslept after a long night.
Teka I would like to buy the 6$ one O_o