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Wow have to catch up now, here we go with Days Seven and Eight packed into one long wall of text. I'll try to keep it short and to the point. If it seems rushed...its because it is XD

Class Difficulty - Easy

The Aerokinetic class is able to control wind and has various attacks and techniques that allow them many forms of crowd control, pushing and pulling targets, shifting entire groups to different areas and spitting people out into random directions. Their wind based abilities also play offensive rolls as they can blow away projectiles and send burst of wind to keep foes back. They are a really neat class who has all sorts of ranges to play with.

Brute - Gale

The Brute Branch is called Gale as allows players some really powerful wind based attacks. Being able to create concussive burst of wind to fire at and hurt people is a trademark of this class. Being dense this wind is able to bluntly bash enemies and blow them away offering lots of bush back as this branch of Aerokinetics focuses on Pushing opponents back and keeping room between the two rather than pulling them in. They can effectively keep opponents away, however opponents too fast for their attacks or skilled in dodging can keep close and deal alot of damage.

Generic - Zephyr

The Generic Branch named Zephyr allows players to manipulate wind in a more supportive and supplementary role, able to boost their speeds and powers, Zephyr users can outrace and outmaneuver any other class with their boost. They also have various defensive moves to keep opponents away and are able to reflect opponents and their projectiles with their burst of wind. Offensively they have a few attacks that can cause moderate damages but they mainly excel in being support fighters and assisting their allies with their boost.

Control - Gust

The Control Branch grants the user the Gust Power, unlike the Gale Branch, Gust focuses on pulling opponents together in tight spaces and their wind techniques are sharp and quick rather than dense able to cut opponents to shreds with their techniques. Their wind attacks can cause the bleeding effect and leave opponents dazed and confused. Their attacks work best against many opponents and seem almost wasted if used on a single target. They are masters of crowd control and moving opponents to areas better suited for them.

Class Difficulty - Easy

The Electrokinetic class is a quick and powerful class that aims at damaging many foes with single strikes, excelling in the use of the stun status affliction and their lightning fast attacks. They have the quickest attacks second only to light.

Brute - Lightning

The Brute Branch of Electrokinetics Lightning is the strongest of the branch and one of the strangest, Lightning users are gifted with the ability to miss a target and still hit them, unlike most projectiles which shoot forward, lightning user attacks aim down onto specific spots and deal massive amounts of damage to that one spot, however it also deals moderate damage to those around the area of impact and stun them similar to real lightning, for the projectiles that do fire forward even if they miss they stun any foe they pass by and damage them for small damage. Lightning excels in hit and miss and the only problem would be that their ranges are so small that they have to be precise with their aim to hit someone.

Generic - Static

The Generic Branch gives players a shocking control over Static Electricity. Now Static in game functions just like static in real life. The more people you shock with it the more fun it becomes. And in game the more people you shock with it the more damage it deals overall. With Static, for every additional victim you attack the damage increases by a minimal amount, however with even a few enemies the static will jump between them damaging them more times than it would with many enemies. Static is one of the more flexible branches of the Electrokinetic class and only fails in that against single foes they do very little damage albeit fast little damage.

Control - Tesla

The Control Branch grants the user the power of Area of Effect and the grace of Tesla. Every single move in the Tesla ability hits multiple enemies and functions better when it hits multiple enemies, able to shock enemies and hit them from varying distances and spread that damage is a rather useful tool for this class and should be abused regularly. However despite have area of effect attacks the range of those attacks arent remarkable and must be used at close ranges to be relatively effective although the attacks do travel for some time and deal damage to far away targets but it is much less damage than it normally would be.

Hoping you enjoyed today's Class Session, I'll post another one tomorrow describing the Pyrokinetics class.

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