by Stevenw9
A new lightweight and hostable chat program.
So I'm ready to announce two new features that are now going through public testing in v1.5.0.

First is the Code sharing function, which also includes syntax highlighting for DM code. It's finished. This feature is expected to be expanded for other code, such as C++, Python, and much more in the future.

The second is a Friends List. Currently it offers no more functionality than just serving as a basic list. However, the idea is to turn this list into a sort of instant messenger. This will be finished before a release is made. I have more ideas to expand this further in the future, but they're not actively being deployed right now.

As always, I'm willing to receive feedback and suggestions, so just visit the Beep! forums to send them!
Interesting concept.
Someone made a nay vote and forgot to post a comment. :o