by Stevenw9
A new lightweight and hostable chat program.
Beep! Alpha v1.5.0 has finally been released, adding two much needed features to the program. Share Code and a Friends List with an IM feel. Now what, a few may ask. Honestly, I'm not actually sure. The end of the weekend is here giving me a week of brainstorming and feature expanding before cranking out another new shiny feature or two the following weekend.

However, I'm going to give you all a sneak peak into my idea list. Keep in mind this isn't an official feature announcement and things listed here may never be seen at all. Also keep in mind that this list is restricted to new features, not expanded features.

- Additional ban routes
- Conversational chat bot
- Telnet specific support (Yeah, I'm thinking of you linux guys who hate WINE.)
- Friends List Dynamic Relay Chat (Only useful if I do another project(s); Especially with single-player; This could also be months of work.)
- Complete resource sharing; Toggled by the host.
- Peer2Peer file sharing (BYONDorrent?!)
- Shoutcast support (Looking into this. Not sure of the likelihood)
- Custom Portraits
- General sound effects

Let me know what you think of the ideas, or even what you think should be added that's not here. Feedback is crucial.