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*Biohaze Update 4*
Ive fixed a few bugs that were prevailent in the recent upload... and here are some of the new additions
- Added Names to the Survivors that can be rescued along with random dialog...
- Added in a Garage to the RPD (complete with destructible Garage Doors)
- Fences are now Destructible by zombies
- Added in Scanning Doors
- added secret mafia room in Red Fox Club
- Added in some more things
- Fixed the lighting so you can only see yourself in the darkness. unless you get a flashlight or lighter...
- Added in a few USMC NPC's in their PT gear (White T, Olive Drab Pants)
- Hotel Moscow (Russian Mafia) Now Controls the Red Fox Club on the South East corner of the Map
- Project Umbrella controls the building in the Top Right of the map
- Addressed a few Weapon bugs/Sound Glitches that were found in the game.