I shall be shutting it down when I wake up.
It's great. I love the look and feel of it.
Really nice :D!
Walking needs to be a bit more smooth.
Yeah, it either felt laggy or just a bit jumpy with the movement, The game itself looked great and it was laid out well,some nice little routes to explore and adventure :)

Will we be able to see the damage numbers on npc's? i like it when you can see how much your damaging the opponent. but anyway i guess you may plan to do that later on, overall it looks good. :)

My recommendation would be to add a little more variety to the sound that plays when you change scenes. If you're doing a lot of running around, hearing that exact sound over and over again could get incredibly repetitive and slightly irritating.
I suggest staying asleep forever.
Any murderers on BYOND?
Depends on how much you willing to spend on me.