I'll be reading off comments and replying on them to tell the audience my plans for the critique given.

* ohai
* Hello.
* Whatcha doing up there?
* I don't know.
* This is not Minecraft
* Stop punching rocks : P
* Mining ore with my fists.
* lies.
* Hey, I'm off for now.
* Cya!

I'm not entirely certain why he was punching at the rocks...

* Awesomeeeee
* Get out
* And stay out
* Now I know what this game looks like
* Shining Force...

I'm assuming it's a compliment, cause that's what I see. If it looks like Shining Force, then I'm in the right direction : )

* looks good

Thanks : )

#1 Exploshun:
It's great. I love the look and feel of it.

The look was pretty simple. Since everything is scaled twice, I don't have to worry so much about the quality of the images, yet it still looks pretty good. The feel of the game was harder to work on, especially the player's movement.

#3 TheLionsRoar:
Really nice :D!


#4 UPD4T3:
Walking needs to be a bit more smooth.

That's like the hardest part about player movement too. Beforehand players were able to glitch-walk and move super fast (by recurring walking procs). I'll see what I can do.

#5 Teka123:
Yeah, it either felt laggy or just a bit jumpy with the movement, The game itself looked great and it was laid out well,some nice little routes to explore and adventure :)

Will we be able to see the damage numbers on npc's? i like it when you can see how much your damaging the opponent. but anyway i guess you may plan to do that later on, overall it looks good. :)

I plan on making more of these routes in the game as I progress. The hard part was trying to get the maps to line up with each other as you moved through them. Damage counters won't be displayed, but later on you'll be able to see a bar of health under "TARGET:" which indicates the target's life when you click on it or when you attack it.

#6 Audeuro:
My recommendation would be to add a little more variety to the sound that plays when you change scenes. If you're doing a lot of running around, hearing that exact sound over and over again could get incredibly repetitive and slightly irritating.

I'm implementing this as well. Granted, as you walk into different maps out in the open, you'll hear that sound or a similar sound (if I wish to give some variation... maybe frequency changes?). Moving up and down stairs, warping, and other transitions will all sound different.

#7 MasterMerv:
I suggest staying asleep forever.
Any murderers on BYOND?

#8 Masterdarwin88:
Depends on how much you willing to spend on me.

Oi. *rolls eyes*

Mkay, so there's the feedback. Sorry if the hub's been up for a full year and only this is the result. The game's been through a lot of iterations, so it fell on its back a couple of times. Here's a number of things to look forward to as a more complete Edreoll:

* An intro cut-scene
* Class changes
* Color customization
* Novice Dungeon with a boss
* Updating sidebar
* Abilities and handgear
* Equipment
I like most of it. You know what's the biggest downside?

That I wasn't there for the testing. Oh, and that Merv refused to pay me. But the game looks awesome on the outside.

I feel sad for you there Darwin. I took the risk of joining even AFTER he woke up.
I'm still hosting. Come in soon if you'd like to still see.
I may have time later.

Here's the money now just kill me already, gawd.
You heard the victim.

Now make it seem like a suicide, too. We already HAVE the proof.
k. Would you like a butter-knife style in his bathroom, or make it seem like he accidentally choked on a 1-Terabyte flashdrive in his sleep?
Shit I would be honored to have a 1TB flashdrive. I've never seen one before let alone ingested one.
The butter-knife it is then.
It both looks and sounds wonderful. I can't wait to play this. Just the other day Expixel was telling me what to do and I was having sex with Avainer and then this game came into my life.
It is done. But apparently, he uploaded himself into the terabyte flashdrive and shipped himself to a friend of his who is using C++ to code him into his new game.

Once he interfaces with the U.S's GPS Sattelites, he'll go on a SkyNet rampage and take over the world with midget terminators.
Save that for 2012, will ye Makeii?
Actually, I'd make sure everyone has some sort of technology inserted into their minds, and when this happens I'll put everyone in one big massive coma, in which all their dreams will be strewn together to create the Dream World, aka, MMO in real life. Only serious dreamers apply.

They don't call us DreamMakers for nothing.
I popped on by for a visit and was pleasantly surprised by the attention to detail in this game. The interface was slick. Kudos! (I also enjoyed the fact I could be a demon priest.)
Demon priest- Whaaaaat?