Poll: So whats an RPG name.

Lyesia 4% (4)
Eisatnaf 2% (2)
Myrthia 34% (28)
Tregommar 4% (4)
Regalia Nevermore 4% (4)
Three Worlds 8% (7)
Tale of Ether 6% (5)
Trystialia 2% (2)
Clasdaylia Clanx 0% (0)
Tales of Runethia 7% (6)
Ronatu: Battle of the Inquisition 3% (3)
Darkmagium 3% (3)
Legends of Eden 16% (13)

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Ok just re doing the post as the previous post was missing the poll.

Anyway CODENAME:RPG finally needs a name we have gathered up the names from the previous post and we would like your assistance to help us decide what would be a fitting name.

I know which name i want, so.. i hope you guys vote towards it lol.

Wookie has done an amazing job at programming the game so far, and in no way do we want to stop this game from going further.

It's one of those medieval RPG game, with a turn based combat system somewhat similar to known anime titles.
Yay not voting for my own suggestion. I'm not voting for one of those made-up name ones though, if they sounded better I might have voted for em.
Voted.Hope my choice wins
I AM A LEGEND OF EDEN..............!!!!!!!>>>!!!!!
Holy names.
Ewww bad names.
20% seem like some anime shiz.
40% is an RPG wannabe.
30% is WTF?!
9% is jumbled crap.
1% is good, OH WAIT, where's Death Boat?
Nevermind then, the final 1% is bad.
Why did you delete this post from this morning? :[
Name comes last. Make the game first.
Call it "Arpeje" for now.
Epic troll name. aiarappy
I think my name is nice.

"Regalia Nevermore". Too bad that it only has two votes. I voted for Legends of Eden :[
Poll looks rigged now lol. or is the last choice really that much more favoured?
Ether is an awesome drug.
Who said the game wasn't already made Iain? ;)
I would like to state that Legends of Eden is a series of books.
Like found here: click.
I would like to state,
Okay? Who gives a daem bout sum buuks.

"Legends of Eden" sure has a nice (sarcastic) name to it, RATHER than
Tales of Chlamydia
Go with whatever gets the fewest hits on Google and isn't a registered domain name.
How was I supposed to know Legends of Eden is a book, unless I just hit my keyboard with my head and wait until something like Myrthia comes out, now that is obviously a name not used in the title of a book... Oh wait
Lol, try reading Choice #2 backwards.
ShadeCyberPlatinum wrote:
Lol, Fantasie.

Nice catch.
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