Production speed has kicked up!!! Cuban Bling has joined the team! With plans on working his ass off. With the exception of Josh our other artist have begun to slug under the pressure. So this new addition will be a blast upward! Expect more screen shots next week! and the game not too long after!

I do not enjoy hype without proof! So ill keep it short till next week. Rise of the pirates! will be up soon

You ready?
:D im lookin forward to it
Aww yea, can't wait!
awesome dont think il be able to play tho T_T
So next week? Everyone Prepare to be jeluz of my island I will stroke my statue daily.
Maya why not o.o(Wut? Slug? I just finished the boat interiors tsk tsk tsk...)
:\ I'm working too >.> I'm just busy... Joshie how old are you seem like you have a lot of free time :P
17 and yes I have a lot of free time that's the only reason I do pixel art(Just finished dock tile set too >_> am i still slugging black?)
What! No Del?! :/
NL without the D
Enjoy that bitching 24/7 Artist. :)
Avainer1 wrote:
Enjoy that bitching 24/7 Artist.

I pity you :)
Cubanbling wrote:
Avainer1 wrote:
Enjoy that bitching 24/7 Artist.

I pity you :)

I pity your fail animation.
Hey hey, none of that.. no pitying here. K thanks.
Really looking foward for this pwnsome game release.
Looks fun:) specially since its something NEW.

Some features would be nice tough so we know wath to expect ^^
Not fast enough, i wanna play right NOW!! :D
I like everything so far :) my only irk is where the water meets the land,a coastline is normally straight.
Yo this is legit. im fiending to play ur game after 2 months of hard college work
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