Hello everyone. just thought I'd make a post for the people who don't check our website.

We now offer an even cheaper server. It is named, Mars. It costs $4/month. Visit the website to view more details and/or purchase a server.

We have had a few customers now, and things are progressing well, we hope to find new clients to offer our services to as well.


This new package is cheap and you may think: well what can i host with that?

To give you an idea, the Venus package was being used to host 2 games which seemingly had no lag, This smaller package will be ideal for smaller projects or if you have just one single game, depending on the efficiently of your game. ( Often to be safe the Venus package is recommended)

Visit the website to see more.

Edit:Added screenshot.

View of the game section in the panel:
I'm going to need a server soon. I might buy from you guys.

Off topic: I just realized I have powers to your site o_o
Hey darwin, sorry it seems we went for mars instead ;) *liams choice* :)

Yes Enzui, well it should only be "Submit blog posts" lol. and that's nice to hear, i hope you do lol ;).
Mar lives, excellent. <insert evil laugh> On-topic: do you offer full root access and the ability to shut down and or reboot the server?
Hey Darker we have a panel made up for simplicity and ease of use, you can view a screenshot of the panel above, which i have just implemented into the post.

You should be able to do everything you need to do with your game yourself.
I suggest you work out a backup solution for your users as your provider has a history of suddenly losing everything.

Additionally, listing burstable RAM as guaranteed RAM is a bit dishonest and not abiding by the provider's AUP is only going to lead to problems.