Falacy wrote:
Acebloke wrote:
Can I just say, I made an entire FF1 clone in a day
By "clone" you mean an actual replica of the game? Or a crappy BYOND fan-game version? On screen messages, screen effects, turn based battles, shops/equipment, classes/leveling/skills, screen based menus with a pointer controlled by the keyboard? If you made a true version of FF1 in a single day, then that's impressive.

http://files.byondhome.com/iainperegrine/giad_2009/ results.html

To call something that is made in one day crappy and is actually possible to complete is just rude. Sure, the icons aren't WTFOMGBBQsauce, but it's the programming and the games overall system that matters. You can make a game without icons, but you can't make a game with code.
I've sent my GiaD entry to you.
Yeah, you know what, I don't know why I bothered Falacy, of all the projects on BYOND that happen, GiaD is a sensible, annual event that brings developers together and produce something.

People like you are just going to pick holes however good it is.
Falacy wrote:

I don't know what your problem is, but start making (normal weight) sense and actually reading people's responses instead of just quoting them, or leave. The topic is the start of the GiaD or the GiaD in general, not how much better you would do at ______ .

Sure, the GiaD could be better. However, it is already better than anything else on BYOND. Want requirements instead of themes? That worked out well for the Two Button Contest. Or how about some Hexagons? Giving extensions and more than two days to work on something really helps, doesn't it? Just ask Gughunter about the BYOBG, or LummoxJR about the cartridge classic. That had some manly requirements, too. At least the Action Guild got their contest finished with a good number of participants. Oh, wait, they only had a week to work on stuff. Clearly, more time + requirements - themes = more participation.

Maybe your problem is that the contest isn't being run your way. Here's a quick fix: Do your own damn contest. Raise your own money, give people however much time they want, restrict them to custom-class-polymophic-materia-based-proceedurally-generate d-turorials, that will really get people to participate! You can even make all the entries yourself, seeing as how only example you could find of a BYOND game worthy of praise is a game you made.

One of the reasons I left the formal debate team I was in was because of how judging was structured. One of the strategies was to simple quote everything that your opponent said and then, if you didn't have time or couldn't refute it, simple declare it wrong and restate your point. That way, at least you didn't concede the point. God I hate that.

If you disagree with me, fine. Disagree on the merits. Say "we disagree on this point, I think this". Then all that's left is to look at results: which method actually gets better results? My method is going six years strong while other events from the major gurus fail. If you think your method is better, then put your money where your mouth is. Hold an event, do everything differently, blow my event out of the water.

I'll gladly switch over to your way of doing things if you can get a no-name developer like Oasiscircle to discover how easy it is to produce a great game that people will love and then apply this lesson to his hobby of making games.

Until then, it's all talk. Results, not bold talk.
Why is Falacy here anyway? Last time I checked, he was moving his efforts somewhere more deserving.

Guess that didn't work out too well.
"In informal logic and rhetoric, a fallacy is usually incorrect argumentation in reasoning resulting in a misconception or presumption. By accident or design, fallacies may exploit emotional triggers in the listener or interlocutor (e.g. appeal to emotion), or take advantage of social relationships between people (e.g. argument from authority). Fallacious arguments are often structured using rhetorical patterns that obscure any logical argument."
I'm still offering hugs

There's a flaw in this. Anyone can take anything they've ever made, and change the main character to a honey badger.
Resonence wrote:
There's a flaw in this. Anyone can take anything they've ever made, and change the main character to a honey badger.

"Whatever you do, make sure that the theme impacts actual gameplay, and is not just a skin on top of the game."
Sent my submission (its still Sunday over there, right? :P).
Acebloke wrote:
Sent my submission (its still Sunday over there, right? :P).
Yup yup, it'd be 7:30.
Gigimoi wrote:
Acebloke wrote:
Sent my submission (its still Sunday over there, right? :P).
Yup yup, it'd be 7:30.


Acebloke wrote:
Sent my submission (its still Sunday over there, right? :P).

Yes. You still have an hour and a half.

To Falacy:
Yes, I deleted your comment. If this were an argument, then that might be a sign of me having a weaker position or whatever. Who cares. That's kinda my point: I don't care for off-topic comments, flames, and arguments in my blog comments. Whether you intended to or not, that is what your presense here has been. Hence why I have to delete a handful of comments after every one that you make. If you actually want a place to make suggestions, you can do that on my forum. Please keep the suggestions one to a topic; otherwise you get this big shitfest where all anyone can make out from your bold comments is "GiaD Bad!"
Ah, I thought it was 10:30, but wanted to be sure.

Plus, I wanted to sleep. I'll be doing that now :p
I wanted to give Falacy a fair shake, and not support my point after deleting his, but then he went and showed how he didn't care to actually make suggestions and just wanted the attention. So I'll pull rank (my blog) and say this for anyone who is wondering about Falacy's points:

The stated purpose of the GiaD is to help developers by giving them experience with finishing a project. Game developers generally want to create something epic, which leads them to take on projects much larger than what they can handle. They also tend to be perfectionists with those projects. The GiaD is useful precisely because the projects released can be of vastly inferior quality to what a developer would normally require of themselves.

This perfectionism and the notion that your reputation and standards are on the line is generally what a writer would call "Writers' Block". It's bad. Falacy would have you believe that it would be more effective for me to hold you all to high standards, that my contest should be a month long programming event where the end result is a commercial quality game. He thinks that I should expect this level of output from people who have never released a game before. This is nothing but a self aggrandizing position that shows no sign of insight into the event or the community.

In a nutshell, he wants BYOND developers to jump directly from amateurs with no experience to professionals who can put out exceptional games, and he thinks that an all or nothing sort of event is the best method to accomplish this. You can only come to this conclusion if you ignore the purpose of the event, psychology, and the track record of events on BYOND.

In conclusion: I'm pretty bored while waiting to post the "event over" message. So bored that I'll argue with a troll.
Still offering hugs
--> GiaD has now ended <--
Ow did it now? xD

I hope that there were plenty of participants!
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