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Neutrinos got nothin' on us.
I was... so fast...
Do you need a hug, Gary? You know I lubs you no homo.
Hm? Why would I need a hug?
-Nay showin da love!

That was so funny...
Because you're sick or something?

And because your game isn't working the way it should =P
Its working perfectly... we just broke it! :3
No, it's working perfectly.
We were just messing around for the hell of it.

And yes, I have a dry cough that doesn't want to go away. Sad face. ):
I heard. Because I was tpying everything you said for about an hour.
I admit defeat. I should just go home and be a family man.
I don't get it. And are you making that horrible buzz sound, or is it the game?
That was the fail Skype call! :P