Keywords: lancer, zodiac

Here's a sneak peak of my GiaD project. The theme will be Zodiac (the name will also be in the title of the game).

So far, I'm liking how it's coming along. It's a bit dark and I have to work on a background for it, but I've got the time. I mainly want to get the combat working before anything.
GREAT job bro.
You seem kinda behind compared to everyone else lol.
Yeah, I've only been working on it for about three hours now. I was busy all this morning and afternoon -__-
i get rabies!!!
What? O_O
Yikes. Now that's what I call projectile spam.
It's the good kind though!
Update: I'm dropping out of GiaD. I just didn't have any time for it -_-
Send in what you've got. At least you'll get a mini-review and a picture in the results.