Ba-boom! (GiaD 2011)

by Taitz
Ba-boom! (GiaD 2011)
Ba-boom! was created for IainPeregrine's Game in a Day 2011 contest, the chosen theme for the game is "For Science!".


... is a session based multiplayer action game. Players square off against each other with different variety of bombs. Each bomb has their own advantage and their disadvantages, they can be effective or ineffective based on how they are used.

You wake up on a space station and are forced to fight for your survival, using bombs and whatever you can find.

The player starts off with 3 medkits, a knife and 10 bombs of one variety. Using the medical supply they can keep themselves going for longer periods of time. The knife can be used in cases of close combat or when you are out of bombs, throwing knives is also an option. The bombs the player gets is absolutely random.

You can use the equipment of the enemies you have defeated, as they drop their inventory when they die.

Awsome game, fun enough to make me forget what time it is. *looks at clock* Ah just 3:30 am... Sleepy time!!!

But realy awsome!!!
Cannot figure out how to begin.
You need 2 players to be able to play.
We had 3 players and it still said were not ready. Game is bugged.
Did every single one of you press the ready button?
Omg it remember me BTooom! xDDD