Naruto Fallen Vengeance

by Ganing
Naruto Fallen Vengeance
A revival of the long, lost game... Recoded, Redone, Renewed. Enter the future Shinobi world, and lay your mark on history. ******
Lets go! BYOND wants this game back, you can do it by next spring!
man, bring this game back, PLEASE!
In response to Surik102
Surik102 wrote:
man, bring this game back, PLEASE!

Game is progressing well!
Yoo this game brought great memories tbh...
In response to Syxoul
Hope you're ready for more ;)
yes i've been waiting for years for this to be back
so hows progress ?
Things are going pretty well, we are working hard!
any updates ganing???
Yep! Working on a clan right now actually. I finished college so I have a bit more free time!
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