Keywords: fail, giad
Wrote about 50 lines of code, but I never felt motivated enough to finish, which is a real shame, because I made some pretty good icons for someone with as little artistic skill as me. Regardless, you may see Hallucinogenic Honey Badgers of the Zodiac in the distant future, after I feel like I have time to do things again (which will probably be after I finish visiting/applying to colleges or when summer finally comes around, depending on whether school becomes more difficult or not). Regardless, I'm kinda disappointed in myself, this will be the first year where I won't have at least a hastily completed GIAD entry to hand in (it's also the first year with prizes, too, >_>). Either way, it probably would've panned out a bit better for me if I didn't end up making some hasty plans with my friends both late Friday night and early Saturday evening, but oh well, there's always next year.