Most games on byond are very dull in the art section, why? Plenty of reason why but it's mainly because the artist doesn't spend time organizing his/her color palette. This is a huge issue with current games, i'm seeing a trend going on where people gradient and abuse 600 colors(that's right i said it 600.) If you spend time organizing or using a universal palette for all objects then everything would be consisted, you could actually start from there and due some hue shifting and add color to each environment(just remember to sort your colors still.) You know why NEStalgia's art seemed very well put together??? Cause they're(or he) is basing all of his color choices on one palette ( e8/Palette_NTSC.png )

Most "artist" on here use a color ramp that isn't extravagant enough. For example the color i would also use as a shadow is purple, transitioning from any color to purple is perfectly fine, as long as it isn't too saturated or contrast.

Perspective is another issue, pictures are references not something you should copy exactly, you're suppose to use your imagination and draw the top or the side you're wanting for. Some people say "it's a fake" perspective for buildings to be straight down, it's not it's the depth of how we see, the shadows below can be hard to tell that times so it can make that obscure look, some building aren't straight at all, the camera might actually be at the wrong spot. So no it's perfectly fine if you let the building go all the way straight, just remember to add depth and it should be a'ok. < PEOPLE READ THIS! Amonr is one of the people that understands perspective. index.php?topic=9431.msg105128#msg105128 << More about perspective and how to address it, different types like i said.

If you wanna follow examples of people using great colors, i would say Zane, mdnight, Takoyo, upd4t3, bakasensei, pandora, tor crowley, gensho, themonkeydidit, hulio, xyberman... Ect god damnit thats a lot of people.


PS. it's late at night and i'm talking gibberish.
yeah +1000
Tayoko, not Takoyo xD
Except for the perspective is still off.

On a recent relevant post:

Pandora'sSecret says:

Pandora'sSecret wrote:
I think it is important to think outside of just BYOND, BYOND does not have exclusive rights to pixelart.

That being said I agree with Robert on the perpective being rather akward.

When pixeling a house and you want to use 3/4 perspective otherwise known as the birds eye view you have to take in effect that what is closer will look bigger and thus the perspective of what is further will look smaller, of course in reality they might be the same size but our eyes decieve us.

Thus when pixeling a house we have to follow the same rules.

Look at what master pixel pusher Adarias did:
Ior how about a real photo which i took the liberty on to show how non of the lines are actually straight. :

Now please do not feel offended by what i will say next; your rooftiles are really screwed up. when making rooftiles you have to keep in mind that that every tile is the same size, you can't have one tile be twice as large as the one next to it.

for a (somewhat)good view on that look here:

BEst advise I can give you is to go to wayofthepixel/pixelation or pixeljoint and watch how the people there are pixel-pushing, i promise you will learn a lot.

Well as a moderately talent-less and new-ish pixel artist, i had no idea about using a pallet to work with i just used any color i thought looked right, no wonder why i'm so terrible.

This was a very Good post :)
@mr.robert Read gil's post on wayofthepixel. Enough said.
You know why NEStalgia's art seemed very well put together???

The colors working together != well put together.