Wish Maker

by SuperAntx
Wish Maker
Will you grant a wish?
Game in a Day 2011 entry by SuperAntx.
I can't seem to get past the title screen...
Falacy wrote:
I can't seem to get past the title screen...

Yeah, it's a concept which isn't tried very much here.

Protip: Try moving.
Well, excuuuuuse me, princess! If only I had randomly happened to hold the up arrow key long enough to notice a tiny gray dot moving.
Don't worry, you're not the only one.

What I tried doing was mixing in a simple tutorial in the first screen. An example of this sort of thing would be grabbing the inverted settings in an FPS. They don't specifically tell you what your control scheme is, they just tell you to look up and see if you press up or down on your thumbstick.

I tried, and I guess failed, to incorporate that sort of mechanic into a BYOND game.
Except, you forgot the tutorial part, where you actually tell us to do something.

Your goal doesn't seem to be automatically accessing the player's preferred control scheme. If it had said "Move Up" across the bed or something, I probably would have figured it out.

The mouse doesn't seem to do anything, neither do the W or Space keys. If using one of these methods had automatically assigned the control scheme around it, then that would have been pretty impressive, actually.
I figured a player's order of operations for finding out how to play a game is to move the mouse, click, push a button, and mash the arrow keys. What I could do is add the W/S keys as alternate controls.
I tried just about everything with the mouse. All 3 buttons, dragging, randomly moving, clicking on everything, etc.

I also tried A-Z by typing the alphabet, the num-pad, and even tried the arrow keys. Just not long enough to notice movement, apparently.

You could maybe make it so any of the common movement keys (WASD, arrows), make you fly away from the title.
Alright, I'll add W/S and increase the movement speed a little so it's more noticeable.
Good, because you have to realize what we are expecting. I expected to click it and it go to the game, or push a button and it go to the game. So I don't mash pressing up for a minute, I press it once, it does nothing, I try everything else. :(

The music if anyone is interested. I loved it so much I went and found it.
I wasted 5 minutes of my time finding out my wish is weak.
I second Boxcar's comment. I absolutely loved the music, this is the first time I'm thinking Byond games with great music would make it more playable.

Though it took a few seconds to figure out the title screen (after waiting for awhile thinking it was a load screen), I did like how I had to move the wish up to begin, very creative.

But during the game I didn't figure out that I was supposed to hit those star things until I was more than halfway through the level. So I was slowly cruising most of the time enjoying the music.
That was quite enjoyable, espcially for just a quick, compact game
I enjoyed this, especially the music. The controls were really hard to figure out, though, and I thought the small wish thingies were obstacles at first...

I sort of like it that way, though. Most of the reviewers here complain about poor controls without a guide or anything, but I think it fits it better without any help.
I wish you would work on Decadence.