Well seeing as no one decided to help with the Eternity Female base, its on hold for a bit again as far as the beta goes anyhow.

In the meantime ive been trying my hand at CSS and believe ive gotten rather okay at it. If anyone needs a CSS done, comment bellow and ill do my best. Im not promising anything outstanding like teka's or GreatFisher's CSS, but ill still attempt something.

Thats all, Be sure to check out Teka Co Mafia Hosting!
Nice one jester keep up the good work, i only got better with CSS by playing with the one that Liam Howe made for me, and eventually i got the hang of it started mass making them and i'm now pretty capable :D

Keep up the good work, if you continue to do well i may offer you a position in the CSS Guild if you show me your good enough, Or if you want the position? lol :)

Also thanks for the mention <3
Lol, I'm still not to sure why I'm in the CSS guild I'm not really that good and I'm lazy as hell.
Great your really good :o...

Teka, thanks =3, but sadly no one wants me to do one :(... And yeah i basically learned the same way you did. Also, id love to be part of the CSS guild, Lastly ive been mentioning your service in almost every blog post since you gave me the billboard ;o...