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Here's what in today's update for Swarm!
Make sure to look forward for more updates and call together your friends to play a match or two! (:

Feature - Help files now included! (:
Feature - Colored names.
Feature - Host files are now publicly available on the hub.

Balance - Increased Queen speed.
Balance - Decreased Queen, Drone, and Wasp honey capacity.
Balance - Increased Larva honey capacity.
Balance - Decreased power flower spawn rates for pollen.
Balance - Drone secondary "Pollenate" no longer creates pollen, only honey.
Balance - Mushroom Sentries now last longer and fire farther.
Balance - Wasp charge duration decreased.
Balance - No unit is safe while sitting on an opponents honey geyser.
Balance - Any bee can attack any bee from the behind.

Bug - Fixed placement of fences on one map.
Bug - Spamming the join and cancel team would bug up the amount of players per team. Now slight anti-spam lock.
Bug - You were unable to change classes during the count-down.

Planned Feature - Queen secondary is "Hatchery". Creates a temporary honey geyser to be used to stash (And steal.) honey.
Planned Feature - More maps.
Planned Feature - Tertiary abilities which use up lots of pollen for amazing results.
Planned Feature - Scoreboards for Highscores! (:
That game was perfect without updates =D
Imagin now...!!!
@Kidpaddle45: Yeah, the balancing makes the 1v1 matches a lot more fun, because you don't get smoked by a Drone that just mass-power flowers. (:
Balancing will continue as more issues are found. (:
Uh well right now,whats wrong with Chat?
Nothing wrong with chat? Everyone's talking in it just fine? ):