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Watching the GiaD streams, it got me thinking - did the streams help productivity? I feel that sense of a community at least to go to immediate feedback would be useful in any sense.

In any case, whilst I'm developing:

I'm working on my GiaD that never was.
Added link.
Streams didn't really help with productivity for me, anyhow. Streaming slowed down my computer a bit and significantly reduced the amount of RAM I had for things like Photoshop and Blender.

It was just something I did for fun; I thought a lot of people might be interested in watching other developers do their thing.
Hm. Well, we'll see. I enjoyed watching yours.
And to further prove that you followed the rules in the GiaD :3
I watched you. Very, very carefully o_o <- with those eyes.
Haha, I appreciate it. I'll try to be more lively next time. Hopefully I'll be doing art, or I'll actually be awake.
I actually watched Darke's stream (and Gooseheaded's when he had it up) while I was developing. I believed that actually helped me. Reason being, I saw how their games progressed piece by piece and it motivated me to continue and produce a product that was high quality.
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