New Updates, YAY! Also, I love how people , whom pretended to be my friends keep saying DoC is a rip off El Wookie/Rushnut's rips, When, DoC was made public, way before I even met him. So tell me, how in the world could I rip off a ripper? DoC came from a public release of Resident Evil Online 2, therefore, it isn't even ripped from REO2, as rips are stolen property. Second fact, the game that I supposedly "stole" was Fall of Mankind, which was my idea in the first place, So yea, I had the source from the beginning. Anyway, back to more important things, Working on some cool new features and several maps. Also I might just have another surprise for everyone coming.
... Why couldn't somebody leak a good shell of a game so people could make a quality game of their design with it?

It'd be better than all the REO rips and shit.