"A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life" - Charles Darwin

Recently after the big reality check of my life of what my sexuality really is, etc. made me realise why BYOND has no future for me any more.

I'm no longer working on Feed a class A+ top project that will make the rest of BYOND scream like little girls, I got hitched by DAVE - "still don't know who he is LOL". I was thinking of ways to come across to the team on how the project isn't heading in the direction I thought it was.

I wish Kumorii(Matt) to keep his motivation and passion for BYOND and his projects, I'm very glad to have tested the game and help on some parts but for now it's time for me to go.

will also be saying "BYE!" to BYOND for a short/long-period of time as I've now got somethink else to focus on.

-Thanks for all your time on reading my blogs but for now i'm out!
See you, man.
Josh, Dave and I will be sure to keep progress going strong as ever for you.

Good luck with life, bro.
We'll miss ya
See you in a few minutes.
I'll sign in from time to time, but I won't be making any projects
Tell us more about the sexuality. Do you hump sheep now or something? I'm curious.