Compound Dwellers

by Calus CoRPS
An exciting shoot-em-up single player game that revolves around collecting elements!

Thursday, September 29, 2011
Three days ago I released my 2011 Game in a Day game, Compound Dwellers. Due to time restrictions, I was unable to fully test the game for any bugs. But apparently, it's the first time I have ever released a game with no errors appearing. Therefore, I started to work on an update.

Patch Notes:
  • New: You can now pause the game with the 'P' key.
  • New: I have implemented hud scores.
  • New: When the round ends, it displays the points won/lost.
  • New: If you create the requested compound before time ends, you get a 'time bonus' added to your score.
  • Change: Now when you have shot the correct elements needed for the compound, the round ends. (Falacy)
  • Change: The help guide has been edited to inform the player that touching an element is harmful. (Falacy)

My next release should contain more compounds, perhaps sound effects, and actual reactions. As an example, if you were commissioned to create Oxygen but instead you made Sulfuric Acid, acid would temporarily appear on the map, thus causing damage to your ship when touched.

I would also like to start having contests for this game. What would probably happen is that I would create a special hub for the contest to collect the scores for the day, release a special 'Contest Build' dedicated towards placing scores on the hub, and offer monetary rewards for the top three people on the score list. But before I do that, I want to have some hardcore testing done on this release to insure it is bug free.

I hope you enjoy the game!
Nice, man! Keep up the good work.

And by the way, where has Infected Cell gone? :P
Tag Youre Pregnant wrote:
Nice, man! Keep up the good work.

And by the way, where has Infected Cell gone? :P


I hid the hub a few years ago since the release of 4.0 broke it. I'm not really interested in Zombie games now, so I doubt a revival will appear any time soon.
Side Note: For those who have played and finished with a score greater-than zero; I contact the hub with world.SetScores() to send the scores and this takes a few seconds. Please wait until the title screen appears before you exit the game. I'll try to come up with a solution for the next release.