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Pay no attention to the lapses in the video, that is literally my computer yelling at me for recording with Camtasia (A known CPU eater) and also recording this program. Usually the program doesn't lapse at all. (And even though it does a little bit in the video, it's barely noticeable.)
The distances are starting to look a little better.
Using a higher resolution icon for the sprites makes them look better up close.

Progress! (:
Ewwwwww, Camtasia. Get HyperCam 3 or FRAPS pl0x. Those are the fastest ones I know of.
Camtasia != CamStudio.
CamStudio sucks.
Camtasia is amazing.
Oasiscircle wrote:
Camtasia != CamStudio.
CamStudio sucks.
Camtasia is amazing.


So you meant to type CamStudio?
The hard part isn't making it it's finding a way to make a game out of it. You don't see a lot of games that look like Wolfenstein 3D anymore because graphics have advanced way beyond that. The game functioned the same as a top-down shooter would, and you still see those.

This does make you wonder what would be possible if the BYOND client supported user-created plugins that created new types of displays. You write a C++ class that's given a list of objects representing atoms to be displayed on the screen and some information about where the client's eye is, and the plugin generates the graphical output. That would make things like this feasible - instead of scaling objects and placing them on the screen or map accordingly, you'd be rendering these images on the client within Dream Seeker. It'd also make it possible to achieve much better graphical effects than just this.
Use Jing. Jing is amazing. The only drawback is that it only records 5 minutes. But it looks great.
Smexy feminine statue. This is looking nicer and nicer each post. Keep it up, Gary~
But will it run well online? Looks good though.
"You silly Ne-ner!"
I got Hypercam 3 for free during at give away of the day. (Yay! -I think..)

What are you doing that makes the 3D imitation? Eitherway, keep it up and make something good out of it.
People actually record games with programs other than Fraps?