by Johan411
Create looping events, With just a few lines of code!!!!
Version 2.50

The demo included within this library will show you how to create 8 different types of events!

Which include;
Advertisement Event
random reward Event
Random world speaking
Random Movement for movable atom's
And a day/night time Event
Apple Effect Event
Random door opening and closing
And a escalator with 2 switches to change the direction of the stairs.

For documentation please refer to and Event

I created this for personal use but i decided that it seemed worthy of a public library; This library was created to make dynamic events possible and easily manage them; Events will also not run if the world is empty.

To report a glitch/bug and or request a feature please leave a comment on this hub page.

The events in this libary seem to clutter the world(In my oppinion), So you may not want to make them like this, just remember that these were made for testing purposes!

I will eventually get around to updating my AI library to use this system.

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It took me a while to realize that the action_set strings in (ex: "Advertise") corresponded to things in a switch statement in Instead of doing it that way I'd make the library use the call() proc. That way you pass it the name or path of a proc and it'll call that proc. I'd do something like this:
Yeah that sounds great
From an extensibility point of view, what Forum Account presents would be much better.

What I will do is mark this library as incomplete for now, until the action_set strings concept has been reworked a bit to make is easier to use more generally.

Currently the library is just a little too inflexible, I'm afraid.
I already did post an update like 3-4days ago with this feature added. can you re-check again? Or did i miss something about what forum account was mentioning.