Good news everyone, all clients now have FTP access. All the current clients have been emailed explaining what to do.

If you have any questions on how to work FTP, just go to the website and contact the hosting team.

Previously there was an issue with the panel forcing people to wipe the save files when they updated the host files. That problem can now be resolved thanks to the FTP Access.

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I'm going to start working on Dirge again soon, so hopefully will get some open testing done again.

I do have a website I need to get finished that is not Teka Co Related as well, which will slow the process down on Teka Co Mafia stuff, but it's been on hold long enough and I must get it done.
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Outstanding Orders.
Atol Soldier

Several people have placed orders but have not paid for their server to get it, if you still wish to obtain your server, then please contact us here or on the website, or directly send the payment which you should have instructions for in your email.

The Orders will be removed from the database within one week if you do not contact us further regarding the order.
When are you going to add UNIX servers?
Their servers are Linux, which is as UNIX as you're gonna get.
I always thought it's a control panel. That's what I heard from Teka, Nadrew.

it is... lol. Im still fuzzy on how to login to FTP with it... Liam, Tut PLOX.
Zetaiva wrote:
Page 404 Narto Frog Not Found Initiating Rage Sequence

People have to hop off ET's wang, it doesnt make you cool.
It makes me an ET-ite.
Universe Productions wrote:
I always thought it's a control panel. That's what I heard from Teka, Nadrew.


Those control panels have to run on something.