Compound Dwellers

by Calus CoRPS
An exciting shoot-em-up single player game that revolves around collecting elements!

Saturday, October 01, 2011
I am fairly satisfied with this release as I got quite a few things completed and fixed. I have added three songs to the splash screen, thanks to my brother. Unfortunately, the songs will repeat as BYOND does not have sound.length or a built-in queue system that would allow you to add songs to it, and if it plays the last song in the list, start playing the first song all over again. So you'll have to die and go back to the splash screen to listen to the other songs. Also, reactions are in!

Release Notes:
  • New: When you create an element that is not needed, a consequential reaction may occur.
  • New: Three splash screen songs have been added, thanks to my brother.
  • New: Added another compound (Acetate).
  • Fix: Previously, when elements collided, nothing happened. They now ricochet off of each other.

I have been receiving good feedback from those who have played the game, which is always motivating. I am very happy with how smooth Forum_account's library is, nice job man! My previous plans were to release this Game in a Day game and then move on, but I have enjoyed working on this.

The next release should have more sound effects and compounds. I hope to have a contest for this game in a week or two as well. Also, if you have any compound ideas, please do tell! In your comment, provide the name, formula, and any possible reactions.

I hope you enjoy the game!
Nice :)
Pixel CoRPS wrote:
Nice :)

My son, it's time to start the revolution!
Side Note: Does the shooting keys not respond when pressed for anybody else? I have been having problems with my keyboard lately, so I do not know if this problem I am experiencing is on my end or the games end.

Also, does anyone have any suggestions? Although the feedback has been good, it has only been from a few people. I'd like to make this game garner your attention!
Nice work.