I am leaving for the Defense Forces for mandatory training so I am away from the net for 3 months or so, however the whole thing lasts for 8 months, which also leaves it questionable, if I am going to return to BYOND at all.

I am posting this for people to know, where I have disappeared to, if they start wondering, exactly "if" they do.


Good luck.
Thanks probably going to need it. Been pre pearing my body for it for the past half a month, might be too late, but better than nothing. Should get atleast 200 points on the Army PFT.
Go get em.
No... Taitz..... NO!!!! TAITZ PLEASE DON'T GOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! >;'(
Yet, I have been there for like 3 months and you NOW start shouting that? xD

Anyways.. Last day of my 10 day vacation.
Back from the Defense Forces and ready for some new "action", aye!
Whats your kill count bro?
1001 mosquitos!