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Ok, I haven't had much updates lately so I thought I'd fill you guys in:

1) Its October, which means its time to update Survive This! I'm working towards an update on the weekend of the 22nd, that's three weeks away.
2) Joshtan Chapter 2, I've been working on this the most lately, you can follow the progress on the forum.
3) Wargames. It'll happen when it happens, I've fancied myself a break for now from it, but as usual its far from abandoned. I just need to recharge with some other projects.
4) Wargames 2, the game that less people love but just as much. I want to do a much needed update with bug fixes when possible, but no.1 might slip in before that.
5) Dreamland Universe, the ongoing project. I've been working more on it recently, improving already coded sections and gradually working on better AI and things to do in the Primordial Soup stage and the transference to the 'Cell' stage which is next.

Alongside that is the secret project, which is secret.
"Alongside that is the secret project, which is secret."

The suspense is killing me.