Well, After Making a post on the CSS Guild(Teka... this was days ago, its still waiting for approval... ;o) i decided to make a new CSS, This was the result. Tell me what you think Bellow.

Also my old CSS, as well as an easy tutorial of how to create a "Supported Games" Box will be appearing in the CSS Guild's "Donated CSS" or my own tab, if i get one that is.

Anyway, Thanks for reading, As Always be sure to check out the Teka Co Mafia Hosting Service!
Hmm seems I made the centralised look popular XD, anyway its pretty good but really dark.
Ehh, i never did a centralized look before, and since everyone was doing it i decided to try my hand at it, lol. And i know its really dark, but i like it that way. Lol, not very good at color schemes myself.
Technically i think i set all the trends ;P lol
Ha ha Teka, just change the font colour jester its really hard to read.
How is it hard to read? i have like, horrible eye-sight and i can see it?... Anyway, what do you recommend?

@Teka: When do i get a Tab in the CSS Guild lmao.
Sooon Soon i say! i'm not confident you can create CSS's free hand without a template yet :O?

also i do find it a bit hard to read u have black writing on a dark gray background at least u could have light gray writing same color as your title backgrounds maybe.

But seriously i cant see my cursor on the add comment box o.o
Lmao, Alright ill change the font. And Without a template?... im pretty sure i did Slic3y's and this one from nearly nothing ;-;...
That banner is really ugly...

That banner is really ugly...

Great i love the banner so fux off ;o...