With Plans to release the game in October(exact date still in calculations) I have been searching for a program that records game play! Visual guides are more appealing then blocks of words.. Tried my luck with fraps, I'm not really sure what i'm doing wrong, But the quality is really mashed up. May be my Crappy computer. Google is fine and all but i rather ask you Byond! What do you use to record your gameplay?
CamStudio. Sucks, but easiest to use.
If you want I am a really great video editor. I can help you make a trailer if you would like.
O.O add meeeee!
wats ur msn? or you can add me at
I often use CamStudio.It does good job :) is deh msn! add prease
kk done.
I hate this new msn i dont see you online ._.
Use Camstudio
You might want to check PixelProspector's Indie Resources and scroll down to the video creation section. =)
Ah! thank you ACWraith
Juuust so you know :3 you can torrent Camstudio 7.1 on piratebay

^ i just did and it's nice XD