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No video for this State of the BYONDcast. Sorry. ):
Yes, we are still alive. Akto, Bravo1, and I just have been busy lately, especially last weekend.
Akto has been working on a lot of projects and getting ready for an early college mid-terms.
Bravo1 hasn't sent me any messages lately, so I assume he's busy with his life.
And finally I have been trying to get everything back in order and ready to finish up the mid-term for this quarter.

Sorry about having no real content this weekend or last weekend (which was consumed by Game in a Day), we'll try to get some good content for this upcoming weekend. (:

Thanks a ton, stay strong BYONDlings. -nay forever.
Working as a contractor is fun, right up until your clients start to call you for EVERY SINGLE LITTLE THING.

It's starting to become hazardous to my health -_-;
I thought all you guys died. T.T

Glad your still there and alive, don't worry about us, we (BYOND) will be here whenever you come back. :)
@Bravo1: Dude, don't sweat it at all. We all seem to be busy with our real lives lately so no pressure on you.
You just do what you have to do! (:
@Truseeker: Thanks for the support, we'll be sure to keep giving you guys awesome content! (:
Great news!
Also, I'll be taking my leave!

....And when I leave, ya'll better come together like buttcheeks.