Poll: Who would you like to see more CSS from?

Teka123 30% (4)
Liam Howe 38% (5)
Great Fisher 7% (1)
Kingstone99 7% (1)
Donated CSS 15% (2)

Only BYOND Members can vote.

Top 5 downloaded CSS on the blog are as follows:

#1 - Black Perl CSS (By Kingstone99) * 530 Downloads.

#2 - Donated CSS (By Smoosh) * 431 Downloads.

#3 - Donated CSS (By Yash69) * 384 Downloads.

#4 - Yu Yu Hakusho CSS (By Liam Howe) * 319 Downloads.

#5 - Black/Silver CSS (By Teka123) * 266 Downloads.
Pfft, I like Liam's CSS(es) more. Then also, there is Teka which is pretty good. I vote for Liam tho.
Teka. <3
Seems I'm not particularly poppular, maybe I'm too lazy...
Wow lol I'm 3rd and I just donated a CSS :)
I would like to see some more from kingstone99. I think the black perl looks awesome.

But I also think teka should throw some new fancy ones in aswell.
You are all terrible :P But i'll pick Kingstone