Well guys, my new studies are going great so far. My programming classes, which is Visual Basic are going really good. I understand Visual Basic really good and I'm one of the 'best' students there. Learning a new programming language really gave me the will and the mood to start programming in Dream Maker again and expanding my skills in DM.

But to the point now, I'm a person who has almost always no inspiration to come up with a concept. So now I'm asking you guys, if you can make something up for me. Don't forget that I'm still intermediate and am still learning Dream Maker more and more. I've been programming on and off for a year and some months now and do know a fair amount from the language. But I've never really published an original game. I want my first game to be simple, something that would fit, for example, The Simple Development's Guild.

So if you people could make a small concept up for me, that would be greatly appreciated. Once I've some things to work around, I will be able to add my own things and my own personal touches to the concept. So, if you know something that would help me out, please leave it in a comment below, thanks! =D
Takes like 5 seconds to come up with a simple game. Milk man, you shoot a beam of milk into enemies to make them explode, and you recharge by milking cows.
yeah, but that sounds stupid.

hm.. how about an original team based RPG, something similar to 'tales of' games? I was considering making one, but I've got my hands full at the moment.
No. We have too many RPG's and Fangames.

To start off, make a simple "minigame" or classic board game. Maybe make a Chess demo and work out all the bugs and add onto it until its perfect. Use the demo to perfect your skills so you can work on an actual game.
I'm still waiting for a game I can make Methamphetamine on..
He wants to make a simple game, so an RPG is a bad idea. Everyone makes a chess demo, we don't need more chess clones, there's literally no point in making it except for a bit of experience, but if your going to try to get experience anyways, make something original. My idea was meant to be stupid, it's just a silly little pointless game that could be made in an hour.
He asked for ideas, just give him an idea thats simple :|