Keywords: motivation
I was pulled out of my shell to spend a week up in Seattle Washington last week. There, I stayed in my sister's apartment and spent most of the time caring for the resident rugrats, my two-year-old nephew and somewhat newborn niece.

Suffice to say, I was a fish out of water, and even now on my third day home after that I've yet to fully shake that feeling of disassociation.
It rattled my cage so much that I decided to start dating and to grow a beard. It doesn't help that we've apparently adopted a little calico kitten while I was gone. She's a cutie and all (and many say calicos are good luck) but I'm not being left to my solitude to perform development, and that's truly a miserable situation.

Today, I'm working on something in BYOND. I'm not going to tell you what, exactly, for fear that it will rob me of my motivation. However, I do know that it would not at all be hard for me to release something playable. (Heck, I could make a basic playable game inside of two hours - BYOND pretty much is one from the start.) It's just that, per usual, I'm trying to see a vision to completion before doing so.