It's been a while since I've pointed out any Steam sales, mostly just because I've been too lazy to do so, however I figured I'd point this one out.

You can find it here, it's 66% off everything(DLC).

Serious Sam 3 is on sale too, but $4 off(10%) is hardly a bargain.
and why does my webpage look like this, considering that I haven't touched anything in the CSS in at least 6-8 months if not more.

There's absolutely no reason why my members page should look like this unless someone working on the website screwed with something.
All blogs are like that right now, the site bugged up.

Also, why would anyone buy Fable 3? It's just an inferior version of Fable 2 which is an inferior version of Fable.
I wouldn't pay that price for Fable 3. I tried it and they tried to make the health system like Gears of War. It was retarded.