Poll: How do you want the monsters spread out on the map.

Random(Can run into any level of monster in any part of the map) 2% (1)
Ordered(Based by level and starting points) 63% (29)
Random(A mix of both) 34% (16)

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Just wondering what the players would like best.
Well you would start in a weak area, you are able to take on the weak guys, the more exploring you do, you'd find tougher npc's Near to the towns would always be slightly weaker npc's than whats in the further area.

Of course there'd be the odd tough monster mixed in among the weak and the boss version or something along those lines.

That's exactly what I was thinking Teka, just wanted to make sure I wasn't the only one.
lol good to hear, i think that's the basic set up and how it generally works out. :)

Hmm i think jester should not have round edges on your css, i personally think it needs to look more old fashioned and be more paper looking :P perhaps have ragedy old paper backgrounds for the box's or the whole think on a paperscroll :O or anyway i think it should be browny/beigey/yellow/goldishy lol :O

The writing suits it fairly well :) but anyway u can ignore me :P.
I can fix you up with some box backgrounds make me layout manager and ill make it sparkle lol, later that is i can't on my laptop..
Sure lets have a BYOND CSS Guild Collab, and make the greatest CSS ever!!! o.O
Just make it warn you that there is a high level group of monsters in the "lower level areas", it'd be a mini-quest event for higher level characters to "Protect the N00bs" or just let them die and laugh at their childish rage.
Weak at first until say level 5? Then just mixed.