I noticed . lol
o_O Onozie it's darker !!!!
Yeah, i was like . It's probably just an error, BYOND will have it fixed in no time :) cause like, mine was working, and then 20mins later my friend was like " MY CSS STOP D:" lol . but hope they fix it fast.
Well glad my CSS hasn't been finished yet lol. Though I am looking forward to seeing what Jester comes up with.
My CSS is dead too :(
This is racism, I'm not on the list because I'm white. :|
Not at all ? :| I'm brown >: O!
Ahh, I'm not the only one then.
Seems like my CSS has been reset aswell.
Interesting. Hasn't affected me yet, though it could be because of the fact I have been changing my CSS recently.
You should put me on there also :) haha .
Seems like this problem affects people differently, as such i can still see both flysbad's and Raimo's css. but i guess you 2 can't see your own.
Teka, I love you :D (no homo)
Hi Yusuke, I... do like you a lot lol. :) *random*? anyway nice to see you again.
I can see Flysbad's but not Raimo's.
It seems to be fixed. For me anyway.
Slayde wrote:
It seems to be fixed. For me anyway.

Same for me
I can see your and my CSS again. It seems to be fixed, indeed.
Yup it's fixed for everyone in the list, so i presume it's sorted... ;)
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