Ever wonder why people here are trolls? Is it because they were neglected as a child and need to make up for that emptiness they feel deep inside, too afraid to come out and get the fulfillment they so desperately want? Or is it just fun to rage at people? Does trolling really amuse them? Or does it fill some shyly hidden gap? are people's reactions to trolling simply responses or are they defending themselves, maybe, they are giving into their own neglect that's kept in the dark. What compels people to troll? What is the purpose? What are the benefits of the troll? What are the benefits of the victim? Remember, as the title says, this is just something to think about, so do not post any comments regarding it, in fact to ensure no one tries trolling or giving stupid answers I'm not allowing comments, just, think about these things, tell yourself the answers you come up with.