Play as Feval the squirrel and blow up your enemies with an arsenal of exploding acorns!
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So what exactly is this Feval 2.0 Beta, you might ask? Basically it's a massive Feval update with loads of new features and upgrades.

This post will explain some of what has already been done, including screenshots, and also give a little sneak peek of things to come.

So let's jump right in. Feval now has levels. You don't necessarily get stronger as you level like most games, but you do progress and unlock new things, such as items, which we'll go into more later. The current level cap is 20. Experience is currently gained from getting kills and playing games (more for winning). It is possible earning medals will also give experience in the near future.

Below is a general screenshot of the game. Level information is visible in the top right corner.

Feval has had a few usable items for awhile now, but the item system has been completely redesigned and new items have been added (with many many more to come). Each player can pick two items they wish to use and then during matches that allow items, they can use them when they are not on cooldown. Each item has its own cooldown and can only be used when it is not on cooldown. As you level up, you unlock the ability to use certain items.

Below is a screenshot of the Items tab inside the Profile. This is where players can pick what two items they wish to activate and use.

Medals and More
Feval used to use an achievement system with tiers of statistical challenges to beat to unlock new overlays and such. Well, the game now only has medals (with many more to come), statistical information just for viewing pleasure, and overlays are unlocked with acorns via the shop (explained more below).

Below are a couple screenshots of the Medals and Statistics tabs in the Profile. Darkened medals are medals not yet earned.

Feval now has an ingame shop. Currently the only thing purchasable is overlays, but eventually other things will be available for purchase. Special acorns collected from playing games are no longer used for score and are now used as the Feval currency. An extra special currency that can be purchased with real money and can be used to purchase certain things is planned, but not yet implemented. The shop will be a very important part of Feval in the future.

Below are a few screenshots of the shop interface.

The first part of Feval's new lobby system has been implemented. Currently players can create custom games and join custom games. Players can pick from some premade maps, pick the versus type (free for all or team), and pick the mode (currently only Normal and Deathmatch). Premium members can pick Custom and make their own maps (which will be getting a lot of new features very soon).

In the near future, Feval will have an automated "quick play" matchmaking system and the lobby system will of course be updated appropriately. Quick play will basically match players up against players around their skill level. Players will be able to decide the types of games and modes they wish to play as well.

Also in the future, Feval will be getting "mission games" that they can play with their friends. Mission games will basically be co-op vs AI games with objectives. More information will be released on them in the future.

Here are a few screenshots of the first stage of the lobby system in action.

Feval has also been upgraded in different areas. Cosmetic improvements, system efficiency improvements, and much more. And there is a lot more to come.

So what else is coming that hasn't already been mentioned? Let's condense it all. Clans, friends list, seamless cross server play, groups and group play, new characters with different forms of combat, improved powerup system with many new powerups, scripted map editor (make almost anything you want - minigames), and much much more.

So stay tuned for more information! Fan the Iccusion group and get alerted about further Feval 2.0 Beta updates!

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Note: For anybody who wouldn't dare be seen playing such an "unoriginal" game, Feval supports Guest accounts! Your identity is safe!
Aaiko wrote:
Note: For anybody who wouldn't dare be seen playing such an "unoriginal" game, Feval supports Guest accounts! Your identity is safe!

How is the, game unoriginal?
Ryuk25 wrote:
How is the, game unoriginal?

It's not, which is why it's in quotes. But people always complain it's not original. I disagree, but I can't change their mind. So I'm letting them know that they can play without anybody knowing. :P
This game is sex.
I haven't played this in years but I'm definitely gonna give 2.0 a try.
Ryuk25 wrote:
Aaiko wrote:
Note: For anybody who wouldn't dare be seen playing such an "unoriginal" game, Feval supports Guest accounts! Your identity is safe!

How is the, game unoriginal?

A few people just say it's a rip from bomberman lol.
Good job, now I love Feval even more! ;D