I Apologize to the people who were asking me to make CSS's recently, i told most of you that i was going to be doing them today. Sadly Yesterday i fell ill, so i doubt ill be doing them until sunday, or maybe monday when i feel better. Again, i apologize. Im Sorry.
I caught the flu last week as well, hated it. Get well!
I should learn how to do CSS & help you out >:D haha.
CSS isn't that hard, but designing a nice one isn't easy.
Lol you can literally just copy and paste CSS if you know which bits.
That's true, but it takes time to find the bits and there were some things I couldn't seem to find. (At least within time that I'd like.) Jester has output some pretty good CSS even if it was code bit finding, he's better at it than me. xD
yeah you guys are right, once you find the string of code that you need to manipulate there's only a certain amount of standard things you can do to them usually, so in the end CSS mainly comes down to who has the best style or layout design capabilities which is why Fisher is better than me ;)