Just felt like Challenging my fellow CSS programmers :).

I was recently given a CSS Design to do and i was given a slightly more complex design than my usual - Byond CSS alterations.

I did get it done. though i won't even pretend that i found it easy, but i also admit i'm still terrible with CSS.

All you need to do is create your Blog comment box to look like this and show me it.

Original < ........................> My version

The first and most accurate person to get their comment box to look like this (color scheme can be different) will either Win $20$30! through paypal or a year Byond membership extension. ( your choice.)

There's a lot of people who are better with CSS than me, so this is your chance to get this made, win a prize and brag that your superior to me lol :)

I sux0r at css, but I wish all you other people good luck!
I may have suggested that CSS was not particularly hard, but i have no clue how to get the input box at the bottom and even make it stay visible for that matter.

So yeah.. Good luck someone else. probably gonna be done by Liam.

I give up, I tried but alas, I am not that good with CSS.
AHAHAHHA YOU FAIl. j/k, well at least you tried ;D
Well i expected some big guys to come in and say: done it in 10 minutes flat, don't know what the fuss was about

But that hasn't happened yet... DD,Fisher, Jester, Chris Gayle, Liam... Kingstone.. Everyone else.. come on.. it's an easy way for you guys to make $20.. T_T..

Prize raised to $30!
I can't do it i suck at CSS :/ i'm just a beginner that's way to advanced, heck i needed help doing the pop out thing.
I would, but I suck at CSS. I really want that BYOND Memb extension, though, so I'll try.
I have no idea how to make that comment box visible at all times, lol
Come watch my page, Teka. I'm trying my hardest, but I am failing.
I would but I can't do CSS on my laptop :(
Nice to see you guys trying :)

Ok i just uploaded the image of my completed version along side the one on the left which was just a mock up if you didn't know lol.

But anyway prize is $30 good luck to anyone who's participating :)
Hurry up and get on youur PC fisher. Doo it!:)
Will you allow non-member to do the contest?
How would you?
well sure, but it'll be difficult for you to show me that you did it within a byond page?

i'll tell you what. you may use CSS Testing area if you want a members page to experiment on.
I can't even think where to begin lol.
Wait, on your actual version, is the comment box always there, or do you have to click Add
Whos CSS is that?
It's always there Artic :), and i wont tell u who's css it's on lol everyone can figure it out if they have chrome or firefox :P
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