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Role-play a fantasy life in this medieval RPG set in a completely player-developed world!
Hello, roleplayers. I'm here to let you all know about Hazordhu's coming update.

For those of you unfamiliar with Hazordhu II, it's a role-play game set in a medieval fantasy world. Players find themselves in a completely player-developed sandbox land where everything around them is shaped by themselves and other players.

This coming update will include a lot of cool new things. The biggest of which is implementation of BYOND's new pixel movement system. A lot of the game will remain the same, but some core changes will have to take place to accommodate this, such as to the building system. Currently, players build objects on the tile they stand on. Since pixel movement more or less ignores tile-by-tile restrictions, players will now click and drag items to a tile they're on or in range of, and the item will snap to tiles as the player drags them around, showing them exactly where it will be build. Items that can be picked up will simply be created directly under the player, and some items still will be able to be pushed around once placed to add some diversity to the home.

Another cool change is that many animals will now follow a herd AI. They will follow a male member of the herd known as the alpha male. If the alpha male dies, or an animal gets lost or otherwise separated from the herd they will search until they find a new herd (or die).

Finally, we've limited many of the more sophisticated items and structures to members of groups, to give them more of an impact in-game, and to give the game a more dark-ages feeling. But don't fret! There have been many new structures and items added for groupless players to have fun with, such as wooden shields, more weapons, and new adobe structures.
Oh nice ill have to start playing again.
Sounds very interesting, I'm looking forward to it. :)
dat lag
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D4RK3 54B3R wrote:
dat lag

No no, no lag with native pixel movement. So far at least, it has been much nicer network-wise than custom pixel movement used in previous BYOND versions. Pixel movement will come soon enough. It's definitely not going to never come, but it's hard to say when it will.

I suppose this post should be updated, as it has been a while since it was posted and the Pixel Movement Hazordhu update hasn't happened yet.
Among the numerous bug fixes, I've been trying to get the lighting system to work better. The main issue with this is with super-old computers and their client-side lag that comes solely from the amount of alpha pixels on the screen. I guess I could just use dithered icons to replace them...
I've also worked on finishing the Book system. Other than the controls being probably as confusing as anything else (shift+leftclick to read, shift+rightclick to give it a title and sign your name as author, rightclick to edit), it has essentially been working pretty well. Just drag and drop a Parchment page you've written on onto a Book and it will be added. If you're currently reading the book, the page will be inserted at the page you're reading, so if you need to modify a page in the middle of a big book, you can take it out, edit it, and replace it.
I've also slightly modified the interface to fit more of the map on the screen.