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Just a quick show of Breach's title screen concept and physics that it will be operating under.

Breach will essentially be Breakout but with added multi-player functionality. I plan on making versus mode and perhaps make a co-op mode later on (which shouldn't be that hard to program in)

As you can see, at the top of the map there is a small black open rectangle, that is the "queue", where awaiting blocks are places before filling in the next line. The next line is only dropped once the queue becomes full of at least level 1 blocks.

Versus Breach would work on this premise, each player has their own generator that slowly adds "stock" to the next incoming line of blocks. Every time you clear a block, all other players playing against you get an extra stock added to their queue. If you do have more than level 1 blocks in your queue, they reduce in level for every other block you clear.

A player can lose by allowing a block to touch their panel or allowing a block to get past their panel. If a ball falls past your panel, it re-spawns after a short amount of time right on top of your panel. I haven't decided how many balls you will start with.
That was pretty cool!
@Moussifer: Thanks! (:
I overlooked the title and author and thought...
"Fuck. Bleach?!"

However, this looks like some smexy version of Blasterball.
Powder Toy. Just sayin'.

Reminds me of a fusion between Tetris and breakout.
Yeah, this is really awesome, keep up the good work!
I'm currently working on the stock generator, then I'll probably work on multi-player. (:
Wow, this looks amazing!
A cool intro screen for the game could be like this video but have blocks that couldn't be destroyed and when left behind would end up spelling the title.