I lied.

You really thought I wouldn't whip out a CSS as dumb as this?

Outta yo mind.

Now ya'll niggas can get even more annoyed.

You're Welcome.

(You might have to zoom out to get total awesomeness)
Nice quite humorous.I like the background xD. It works well with the transparencys.
The Website Page Header is with a little more darker then the normal white you should actually change it to a Transparent background. I don't want to seem rude even if i suck in CSS.
I no want Transparent.
It looks pretty bad :/
Everyone as is opinion...
Look and be amazed.
At the fail transparent.
(I suxx with CSS D:)
I miss the black transparency xD
So did I.

I can't believe you expected me to tell you to look at something when it had no tell-tale description.