Okay, so Luna Eclipse kindly pointed out that it's impossible for anyone to get the "Ace of the Board" medal as the game stands because of the way the move is defined. Sooooo, here's what this is about. I'm hosting a "Knight" competition, the highest score (Casual Mode) wins. The winner will win a medal (I suppose it's a big deal? Bragging rights). The winner's high score will be the score necessary to earn the "Ace of the Board" The winner will receive both medals (meaning that they would have the exclusive honour of being able to get all of the medals for the game).

So here are the details

The Game
Time - 16/10/11 @ 5:30 EDT the competition will end

You are not elligible for the medal if you win it on a guest account (but you will set the score)

Have fun!
Masterdarwin88 wrote:

Yup, I know my posts are usually full of RAGE, SMACK TALKING, and straight up TRUTH. But not this one. Sorry!
No. I mean that this is impossible. I can't get past 30 on casual :[

And now I'm winning. I think.
I got 53 on casual before...
Are you sure that it was Casual and not classic? I need to see the score on the highscores so that I know for sure.
Wait, no it was Classic and it was 54. Nevermind. XP
Hey, it's all good mate! I'm just glad that you seem to enjoy the game!
Fighting you for it Darwin! grrrrrrrr
What!? I don't has time to beat you now! NOT NOW NOOO!
And MasterDarwin88 leads the first day with 31!
10/16/11* :[
But Days/Months/Years makes more sense! Smallest to Largest!
Less than 24 hours remain. 31 is the high score!
Looks like Slice and Darwin share the award! Nice work mates!
Bleh. <_>
Chill, you both get the medal. It'll come in the next update which I can probably get out tomorrow.