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"Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase. " -Martin Luther King Jr.
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Mmm. -nay for devbacon.
Thanks for watching, hope you enjoyed!
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Awwww, you called it beacon instead of bacon.
@Megablaze: Sorry, I called it devbacon on the actual post though! :P
This is probably asking a bit much, but...

It'd be nice to have videos about how to use libraries. Not just to show that they exist (though that alone is still beneficial), but to show how to run the demos that come with them and how to use them in your own game. If we had a few good examples* of people using libraries to build decent games, I think a lot of other DM developers would follow suit.

* By "example" I don't just mean the game itself, I mean this video that explains the process - showing "look, I took these libraries, wrote 200 lines of code, and have this game. easy, huh?"

I wish I had the time to make those kinds of videos but I don't. I don't know why I'm making more libraries, I was spread a little thin to begin with. If you have the motivation to do this and enjoy making videos, I think they'd be very helpful.
@Forum_account: To be honest, I don't think those videos would fit BYONDcast, it's definitely something someone should do, but having BYONDcast team spread out even more would just break it down. We need a team of people who would work on tutorials, I'd actually be willing to, but my mic is pretty bad and so is my computer, attempting to record might not work too well.
Oasis: I just got saw your message on the pager asking if I minded you doing a DevBeacon post about my library. Nope, I don't mind, and sorry I didn't see the page earlier =)