A while ago (like, 1 month?) I made a post about how easy I expected Law of the Board to be to make. I was terribly wrong, because I am totally retarded sometimes and can't code proper games. Anyway, I need some help. Law of the Board is a two player game, and I am one person. So, if there are any kind souls out there, please grab a friend, a foe, your brother, your sister, your brother's sister, your sister's brother, your sister's brother's mother, your grandmother, your neighborhood hobo... Anyone really. All I'm asking is for you to test my game and make sure it works properly. Post any issues you see on the game in here or in the comments, I'll handle them right away. Constructive criticism is welcome, and as always, compliments are welcome!

Go nuts! And thanks again!

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Law of the board?

that's a link, by the way. it'd be nice if your css showed me what a link was (whether by means of color or underline).
I will. Giggity.
I did not make the CSS so I do not know how! I will ask LJ to fix it though.
I think I'll host it for a little while..
MasterMerv wrote:
I think I'll host it for a little while..

Thanks, now that I'm home from school I'll host it too
I am so sorry guys, I was in a rush at school and forgot to actually un-comment the procedure that actually starts the game.
I'll put my server on h0ld.
I just updated, it should work now, but then again, I can't test solo.
Verdict: Too buggy - Try again next time :(